Hangry Dogs is a card game where you’ll compete to collect your favourite pizza slices, possibly jeopardizing your friendships in the process.

Easy, right?


What? Pizza slices?


Well, of course. We all know pizza is pretty much the best thing there is.

So, to win the game you’ll have to be the first to collect 50 points worth of pizza cards.

Easy and simple, right?

But how am I gonna
get all that pizza?

Lucky for you, an elite team of very talented pups is willing to help you!

Play dog cards during your turn to steal pizza and perform all kinds of tricks on the other players to slow them down.


Ok, fair enough.
Anything else?


Yeah, there’s also the Hounds of Chaos; each of these super powerful dogs can perform one special trick.

Any of these cards could easily turn a game upside down, but not always in your favor, so be careful!

That's all? Sounds easy.

Well… it IS easy.

But you’ll also have to manage a bunch of crazy toppings, deal with a few unexpected enemies, and harness the untamed forces embodied by the Mystic Raccoons so…


Are you ready
to get that pizza?


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